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How Domain Names Impact SEO

There are a lot of questions about Domain Names and the impact they have on business growth. Lately, there seems to be more and more talk about the impact they have on traffic and even business growth. Let’s bust some of these rumors! Your Domain does not impact your SEO traffic NEARLY as much as the Meta Descriptions and On-Site SEO. The domain is known as a “Relevancy Signal”, it may relay relevancy, but is not crucial. You think I’m wrong? 

What Google Is Looking

Pull up Google Incognito and search for your industry. You will find that every website on the front page has the same characteristic. – They Have Proper Page Titles– They Have Strong Meta Descriptions (see image for meta-descriptions)– They Have Strong Content– They Mostly look clean and professional When Google is ranking, they are more focused on the Quality of Your Content than your domain name. Here is what MOZ had to say about it in 2016: 

Quick Tips for Improving Your Visibility

Here are some quick tips to help improve your Visibility on the Search Engines. 

#1. Page Titles.

Name your pages according to your keyword. If you are selling multiple widgets, use sub-pages with page titles with the Widgets Name on them. The relevancy of the URL includes the page title in the URL. For Example.

#2. Meta Description.

Make sure all your web pages have Meta Descriptions so Google can match your search and traffic can see exactly what the page is about.

#3. Title Tags.

Review your site structure to make sure your headings have the proper Tag structure (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc.). This helps a lot. 

#4. Don’t sacrifice the quality of content for Keyword Stuffing.

Arguably one of the biggest ranking factors for a website is the engagement rate and bounce rate. This tells Google that people are staying on your website and reading (or watching) the content. When you sacrifice content for keyword stuffing you can quickly disengage your audience. Hope this helps you improve the quality of your website this week! If you need assistance with your website, we are always here to help!

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