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How to Use Your Blog to Get Leads

We all know we “should” be writing, but it’s hard and can seem unfruitful at times. Today we are going to show you how to take your ideas for content and turn them into blog posts that convert visitors into leads. In this article, we are going to cover:

  1. What to Write About
  2. Optimizing Your Blog for Conversions
  3. Using Your Blog Like a BOSS!

Before we jump into how to use your blog, let’s talk about what IS a blog!
Blog posts are powerful content marketing tools that give you a chance to display your authority in the marketplace. It is where you store your content and stories online for the maximum amount of views and one of the driving factors of your SEO.

What Should You Write About on Your Blog?

This is an age-old question that is a lot easier than you would guess. Your answer is all around you every single day. Here are some recommendations to get your brain juices flowing!

1) Frequently Asked Questions: What are the most commonly asked questions during the sales process? Writing a blog to answer FAQs is a great way to answer sales questions before they happen.

2) What’s Going On In Your Industry: News goes a long way for SEO. Taking news and recent updates for your industry demonstrates that you understand what is going on and turns you into a resource in your industry.

3) Education: Writing a blog to educate your audience on your industry is a quick and easy way to develop content. By providing educational blogs, you become the authority in the marketplace and giving away valuable information away for free!

4) SEO Writing: Sometimes, you need to write a blog just for traffic and Search Engine Optimization. There are a lot of helpful tools to help you find relevant topics and top searched keywords. We use tools from Ubersuggest for writing blogs. It is easy to use and best of all FREE 

So now that you have some ideas on what to write, let’s talk about optimizing your blogs for conversions.

Optimizing Your Blog for Conversions

Here are some helpful tools to help you optimize your blog posts for conversions on your website. These are some of our favorite tools for website marketing and know they produce great results!

1) List Building Opt Ins: One of the most valuable assets of your business is your email marketing list. Embed opt-ins for your newsletter or long term nurture campaign right on your website to build your email marketing list.

2) Call to Actions: Splash some color on your post with a call to actions on your website. Your Call to Action can be scheduling a consultation, ordering online, or subscribing on social media. Remember, you are giving something away for free; this is the time to ask for something in return.

3) Give YOUR value proposition in the closing: Smart blog writing is presenting a problem then providing the solution to that problem. Give your solution to the problem at the bottom of your blog as a final call to action.

4) Relevant Sidebar: Your sidebar is the section to the right (or left) of your post. This is FREE ad space for you to market your services, connect on social media, and show reviews and testimonials.

5) Have Retargeting In Place: Now that you have them on your website, you can pixel the visitors and start running retargeting ads. This is the easiest way to stay top of mind with your traffic and encourage more interaction.

Using Your Blog Like a BOSS!

Now that you have your blog ready, it’s time to start using it. Here is the flow…

Start with Sharing it on Social Media. This will give you organic traffic, it’s shareable in most groups, and can be shared to reach thousands of people at one time.

Boost it on Social Media. This is a great place to spend your marketing dollars. Free articles get higher responses and click-throughs – so use it!

Email Campaigns. Make your blog relevant for years to come by adding them in your sales emails (for FAQ posts).

SEO. Use backlinks and internal links to build your Search Engine Optimization and Ranking.

Retargeting. Using blogs for retargeting is a quick and easy way to get visitors back to your site. Setup retargeting campaigns to keep visitors moving through your sales cycle.

Interest-Based Automation. If you are using a CRM such as Active Campaign you can trigger email and text sequences based on website activities. Set your CRM Automations to trigger when someone in your list visits your blog post.

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