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Personal vs Company Branding

How to Choose the Right Brand

Every business has a brand. Choosing the right brand for your business is the hardest part. Today we want to tackle the big question of Company vs. Personal Branding and which is best for you.

Why Choose Personal Branding

Choosing to brand yourself is a powerful way to start building your business. This is especially true for service-based but it comes with a burden of no personal privacy online. 

We have seen it time and time again where business owners are entangled in business through Messenger or Text to the point they don’t have any privacy. For the type A sales personality, this can be a great option.

Why Choose Company Branding

Company branding is a long-term play that takes more effort to gain traction. This concept of branding is better suited for growth. Without a face behind the company, the focus becomes on building trust through design and content. 

Company branding is the best option for a business that has the capacity for growth with a sales and support team. Building a company brand is a great option for more operational and support personality types. It gives you the freedom to build a team around you.

Should You Transition from a Personal to a Company Brand?

The answer is pretty simple. When you need to expand your business and want to make a smoother sales process to a team a company brand is the smarter route to go. It gives you the flexibility of not having to be on every call or be hyper-engaged with every client so you can focus on your business.

Brand Transition Tips

If you are considering changing from a personal brand to a company brand, here are some best practices to make a smooth transition.

1) Make the change, keep your face involved. This could be having your image on the front page of your website, you doing live video’s, and even jumping on a quick 5 to 10-minute call with a client. However fits your situation, the big key is to start making the change in the name.

2) Change your email campaigns. We have all gotten emails from a business owner only to find out it was a newsletter. As you transition your brand, start communicating your message with your brand name. You will have some followers drop off because they want to hear from you – but the reward is you can now use your name in important emails.

3) Push EVERYONE to your website. Lean on your website and sales systems to direct traffic from messenger and social media. Not only will it save you a ton of time and miscommunication, it will also help with your site traffic and SEO.

Need Help With the Transition?

Making a transition from a personal to a business brand can be tricky. If you need help with any of it, we would love to hear from you to see how we can help!

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