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Creating a Culture that Converts

These past couple weeks Nat and I have been looking for a new vehicle. To most people, this wouldn’t seem like an ordeal, but we have 4 girls and…well we need SPACE! Our girls range from 14 to 8 years old in age which means our life situation will be changing sooner than we would like.

So we set out on a journey for a used Suburban – and I fell in love with a Green Monster of an SUV:

This tank drove great, was clean on the inside, and hadn’t even cracked its potential in miles. I was STOKED! I was so excited about it that I actually talked to a salesperson.

What is about to happen next is not for the faint of heart…

There is a stigma about a used car salesman. The gentleman showing us this magnificent piece of machinery personified it. As I pointed to the Green machine I wanted to add to our family I was meet with “Yeah, we had 4 people drive it today”. Immediately following was the old “someone is going to make an offer on this – do you want to buy it first?”.

Instant red flag for me. I hate people trying to manipulate me so I walked off the lot. Unfortunately for me, this little hole in the wall dealership is right on the normal route. So I sat there and watched this Green bute sit unmoved day after day…for 3 weeks!

Reluctantly, I made my way to the dealership. Armed with the fact that this great vehicle hadn’t moved an inch and took another swing for making it my own.

Things turned from meh to puke
Now, I am sure that if I sat down for drinks with this Salesperson we would hit it off and really connect. That is if he could even remember who I am and what I was looking for.

I have a certain expectation of how I should be treated. It’s not a high expectation. It’s actually pretty dang simple – don’t lie to me. Annnnnd guess what was the first thing out of his mouth…

That Green Suburban, yeah, it’s great and we just lowered the price on it. At this point, feeling a bit cocky, I responded back “No. I drove this 3 weeks ago at the same price.” He went quiet.

This meager attempt to get a sale went on for a bit, and so I skipped to the chase and asked to take it to my mechanic. Seemed reasonable for dropping thousands of dollars cash on a car – right? We had to get permission -_-

Fast forward to returning to the lot. There were a couple issues with this suburban and with all the lies, I was already put off by dealing with this. So I came back, skipped the salesperson, and talked to the deal maker.

I asked if they would work with us on tires and offsetting the cost of some very soon to be issues with the suburban. Their answer was simple – NO. There was no counter offer, not even telling us what they could do. Just no.

We got our family Suburban!

From someone else…and let me tell you something. It was the best experience of ever buying a vehicle.

The Perfect Sales Experience

Still scouring Facebook and Craigslist, Nat and I doubled done our efforts. It had even gotten so severe that we talked about settling for a minivan {shudder}. Then fate struck…

We found a ‘Burb that had some promise. Low miles for the year, clean pics, but it was about 40 minutes away. The first contact was…pleasant. There was no sense of rush, the seller offered to meet us closer and save us some time, it was off to a decent start.

When we finally met the seller face to face and I hate to admit it but fireworks happened. The First thing out of the seller’s mouth alleviated a lot of our fears. It was something that built trust on a very deep level – it went a little like this.

This car has been in our family for years, we don’t need it anymore but we want to make sure a good family gets it.

A little shocked I was a bit taken back by that statement. Here was a family advertising on Craigslist, but didn’t push to make it happen. It is so refreshing to have someone show you what you COULD have – if it’s right for you.

Next, the sellers gave us a report of the maintenance and a comprehensive list of known issues for the car. A little closer to being sold. Then the truth came out…

This seller had a GREAT product that they were incredibly proud of. They knew they had a great price and even took care of a couple minor issues to make it more presentable.

SOLD – Meet Big Red!

We Strive For This Experience

Over the years I have bought and sold my share of vehicles, but this experience resonated with me. Why was it so impactful that I needed to write about it?

This is the kind of experience we strive to deliver.

We make kick-ass, powerful websites. Our content is great and can engage and convert even the toughest of audiences. Analytics and optimization are where our inner geek loves to play. Best of all, the value is there.

I hate sales but we LOVE to help find a need and meet it!

Our promise to you is built into our culture. We will treat you the way we want to be treated. Fairly, as an equal, not talked down to, and with the best that we have to offer. We don’t want to be sold something we don’t need – and we won’t sell you something you don’t need.

If you are looking for a website design and marketing agency to build a long-lasting relationship with, let’s talk. We promise not to sell you, but rather help you find a good fit for your needs!

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